OMEGA Formulation

In the past few years, you have probably seen many defensive sprays introduced into the market, all of which claim to be the very best. Everyone says their product is the safest, most effective, endorsed by everyone, and of course, the best value for the price.

OMEGA (pictured below) is a small, light, easy-to-use, non-lethal, self-defense weapon that has been proven to completely immobilize and incapacitate an attacker regardless of the attacker's age or size without permanent physical injury.

OMEGA has been found to work much faster and be more effective than other sprays. OMEGA is a blend of CS tear gas (the same type the military uses to control riots), combined with pepper spray, making it one of the fastest formulas on the market today. The CS tear gas - pepper spray solution used in OMEGA is not diluted like so many brands available over-the-counter today. Some brands of pepper spray sold in local stores are 5 to 10 times weaker than the units used by law enforcement.

The 0.5 oz. Key Chain Model fires a modified liquid stream of irritant up to 8 - 10 feet, expanding to an area approximately 2 - 2.5 square feet. The unit also has a detachable joint between the weapon and the key chain. It is designed this way so that you can use your keys to open the door with one hand, and have your weapon ready to use in the other hand. This is the model we recommend for women since it's small enough to fit in a purse and conveniently attaches to a key ring.

The 2.0 oz. "Cop-Top" Model fires a modified liquid stream of irritant up to 15 - 20 feet, expanding to an area approximately 3 - 4 square feet. This model has a carrying case equipped with a sturdy belt clip for convenient transport.

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As you consider purchasing a non-lethal weapon, let's break down exactly how "defensive sprays" are categorized, and why OMEGA is superior.

There are several factors you should consider when making your purchasing decision - they are listed below:


The maximum effective range of a weapon directly corresponds with the safe distance a person can maintain while using it.

Depending on the size used, OMEGA can spray up to 15 to 20 feet, making it a very powerful defense product.

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The key here is to get something that sprays far, does not set people on fire, and will not blow up when it gets hot.

OMEGA uses a non-toxic, non-flammable solution propelled by nitrogen, which allows for an expansion rate 180 times the volume of the container. This mixture is the least volatile and most conducive to temperature fluctuation anywhere.

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The ideal protective irritant is one that completely incapacitates an attacker almost instantly, will wear off after about 30 minutes, and will not cause any permanent injury.

OMEGA fires a thick, 70 p.s.i (pounds per square inch) modified liquid stream of CS tear gas - pepper spray solution that totally and completely incapacitates any attacker. Instantly after being sprayed with the OMEGA, the attacker is heavily marked with both visible and ultraviolet dyes. At the same time, an attacker will experience the following devastating effects for approximately 20 to 30 minutes:

With OMEGA, the CS tear gas mixed with pepper spray is a great choice because it is an extremely effective, yet non-lethal or damaging defense.

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Identifying Agent

There are two types of identifying agents, ultra-violet and visible. Ultra-violet dye can be seen under a blue ultra-violet light. Visible dye, on the other hand, can be seen by the naked eye.

OMEGA's utilizes both visible and ultra-violet dyes, mixed in with the CS tear gas - pepper spray to aid police in the identification and apprehension of the attacker. Testing indicates that the dye isn't very long lasting, but should be visible for up to 48 hours.

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The type of self-defense weapon you should purchase is one that is easy to use, and is manufactured to be dependable and function correctly when you need it to defend yourself.

You do not have to unsnap the carrying case to use either size OMEGA, unlike many other brands on the market.

The firing cap on the OMEGA (the part that your finger depresses to fire the weapon) is designed so that the cap is held firmly in place from the top and will not "pop off" while trying to defend yourself. Many other brands require turning the firing cap a certain direction before the unit can be fired, causing some to "pop off" while trying to use. After this happens, you might as well throw your spray at the attacker, because you won't be able to use it to defend yourself no matter what you do.

The 0.5 oz. OMEGA Key Chain Model has a detachable joint between the weapon and the key ring. It is designed this way so that you can use your keys to open the door with one hand, and have your weapon ready in the other hand. Surprisingly, most over-the-counter models don't have this necessary feature.

The 2.0 oz. OMEGA "Cop-Top" Model comes equipped with a carrying case and a sturdy belt clip for convenient transport.

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Safety Features

What you should look for is a weapon that is designed so that it is very difficult to accidentally use the weapon against yourself. You should also look for a weapon that is built to withstand the daily stress of being carried and transported for extended periods of time.

OMEGA is designed so that if the weapon is accidentally turned the wrong direction in the user's hand (pointing toward the user) the weapon cannot be inadvertently fired. This is another benefit of the innovative firing cap and head design.

OMEGA is built to withstand the daily stress of being carried as a defense weapon. OMEGA will not leak inside purses or personal clothing. Many other brands are notorious for leaking after you carry them for a short period of time. Imagine what kind of toxic, sticky, irritating mess you would have if one of those "other brands" leaked all of its contents into your pocket or purse. It would not be a pleasant experience to say the least.

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Ask yourself this simple question - "What is your personal safety and security worth?"

Until now, there have been two classes for pricing defensive sprays. These include Low Quality - Low Price and High Quality - High Price. OMEGA allows you to have the very best quality at an affordable price.

Protection Against Crime has provided crime prevention assistance to large groups of people for over 10 years. OMEGA is the only non-lethal weapon we have ever recommended. It's safe, extremely effective, and affordable!

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OMEGA'S Warrantee

If you use OMEGA for the protection of yourself or others, Protection Against Crime will send you a new unit free. All you have to do is send Protection Against Crime the used unit and a documented testimonial of the circumstances concerning the use and outcome, along with a check or money order for $5.00 to cover shipping and handling. Protection Against Crime will then send you a new OMEGA unit. How many other companies do you know of that provide this offer to their customers?

In a crisis situation, there is no way to determine how much of the unit has been used. Therefore, if you have to use OMEGA for self-defense, it is a good idea to replace it immediately. All units carry a 12-month unconditional guarantee against defects in workmanship.

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Something to Remember

Using another weapon, especially those that can cause permanent injury, may cause you to hesitate in making the decision of whether or not to use it. Hesitation may give an attacker time to either use his weapon or take yours and use it on you.


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Watch a video of OMEGA in action!
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